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Harcourts group which started as a small pharmaceutical company in the year 1989 has spread its wings into multiple business areas to emerge as a large establishment with interest in pharmeceuticals, cosmeceuticals, neutraceticals, personnal care products, fitness nutrition & Gym, Ayurvedic prescription drugs and a small beginning with a hotel project in Nuwara Eliya. Harcourts also runs two charitable institutions under Harcourts Foundation – Harcourts International School and Noni Research Foundation. Speaking to The Daily News, the founder chairman of Harcourts group, Mr.Ahamed Rheyas stated that the journey of these 23 years have not been an easy one. He had to ‘Brave many odds and weather many storms’ before the company could be steered into a developmental path. He always belived in the fact that it is’ the people who made the critical difference in any organization’. Today Harcourts has an employee strength of more than 700 which imposes not only the responsibility for career progression of these employees but also the collective social responsibility of their families and dependents.

  • Harcourts (Pvt) Ltd

    Harcourts (Pvt) Ltd

    Harcourts was established in the year 1989 as a pharmaceutical company engaged in importation and distribution of pharmaceuticals in SriLanka...

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  • Harcourts Cosmetics (Pvt)Ltd

    Harcourts Cosmetics (Pvt)Ltd

    Exclusively dedicated to marketing of reputed cosmwtic and personal care products companies like Emami, VLLC, Dabur and few others, the group operates like FMCG companies...

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  • Harcourts Sports & Nutrition

    Harcourts Sports & Nutrition

    Life style modifications and fitness awareness have become of paramount importance to the younger generations. Multifit Fitness Corporation is a subsidiary dedicated to fitness and....

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  • Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd

    Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd

    Fully dedicated to marketing herbal and ayurvedic prescription drugs and some ayurvedic cosmeceuticals, Lanka Herbals is one of the earliest ayurvedic products marketing...

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  • Sigma Sankel (Pvt) Ltd

    Sigma Sankel (Pvt) Ltd

    This is a group company marketing cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, personal care products and colour cosmetic market. The division gives a contribution of 32% to the group turnover...

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  • Harcourts International School

    Harcourts International School

    Harcourts International Scholl is non – profit organization dedicated to providing high-caliber education. Mr.Ahamed Rheyas, the founder chairman of the group started his career as an English teacher...

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  • Harcourts International School

    Harcourts Pharmacy Chain

    Harcourts’ entry into drug retailing through its chain of ‘Harcourts Pharmacies’ was an organic extension of its core business in pharmaceuticals. Started in1998, today the pharmacy chain has 27 pharmacies the largest chain in SriLanka, and soon will extend to 30 with the commissioning of branches in East and North.
    Harcourts Pharmacies with its emphasis on high quality professional service and comfortable ambience has benchmarked the standards of pharmacies in the country in their lay-out, décor and professionalism.

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